Lisa Marie Presley reportedly ready to write tell-all book about her life

Lisa Marie Presley has led quite an interesting life and she is getting close to finally being ready to write her own tell-all book soon and make a hefty sum of 15 million for her story.

Elvis’ daughter set to tell her life story?

The National Enquirer claims that their sources have said that Lisa Marie Presley has been secretly offered a huge deal to write her story of life as music legend Elvis Presley’s daughter, before and after his death in 1977.

“Lisa is weighing the offers, and it could lead to her coming clean about her bizarre life,” claims the tabloid’s source. Despite being a very private and secluded person, it is speculated that Lisa Marie Presley may feel the time and need to share her story with her fans, and the fans of her late father.

Lisa Marie Presley ready to talk about time as Michael Jackson’s wife

Lisa Marie, 46 is he mother of four children, could describe her life as a mother, her time has Michael Jackson’s wife, and the real story about finding her father dead on the floor of their Graceland home at the young age of nine.

The Lisa Marie Presley tell-all would be a story that all Presley fans old and young would like to hear, it would also ad Lisa Marie’s $300 million dollar bank account quite nicely.

“She wants to set the record straight about her relationship with her parents and with the men in her life.

Her past issues with drug abuse, struggles with her health and fear that she could die young like her father would also be addressed in the autobiography book.

If Lisa Marie Presley does officially decide to write her tell-all story, is this a book you would want to read to get to the bottom o all the mysterious rumors and speculation surrounding Lisa Marie’s Presley’s life?


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