Lindsay Lohan miscarriage: LiLo reveals pregnancy shocker on reality show

lindsay lohan miscarriage pregnant own reality show
lindsay lohan miscarriage pregnant own reality show

Lindsay Lohan revealed a shocking secret on the season finale of her reality show on Sunday. The actress admitted to having a miscarriage during the taping of the show, and cited that as a reason why she was unable to film for a while.

Lindsay Lohan miscarriage bombshell

“It’s a very long story,” Lindsay said. “That’s why when it says on the show she doesn’t want to come down, [it was really because] I couldn’t move. I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you.”

Lindsay Lohan’s miscarriage bombshell shocked fans to say the least, but also left them with a huge question. Who got Lindsay Lohan pregnant? Could it have been one of the men from her now infamous sex list?

Who was the father?

During the series Lohan did reveal that she was dating someone, but did not disclose that person’s name. Could this mystery man be the father of the baby she miscarried?

It doesn’t seem likely that Lindsay will ever discuss all the personal, private details of that hard time in her life, but fans were left with their mouths open after her huge confession.

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