Lindsay Lohan jobless, Oprah cancels LiLo reality show

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OWN pulls plug on Lohan reality series

Lindsay Lohan is out of work again as Oprah decides to pull the plug on Lohan’s OWN reality series.

Celebrity news sites have revealed that Oprah made the decision to end the Lindsay Lohan reality series due to excessively poor ratings.

It appears that there are just not that many people who are really interested in Lindsay’s life, not on OWN anyway.

Realty television fans were first excited at the prospects of a Lindsay Lohan reality series as a chance to get an up close view into Lohan’s train wreck of a life and her crazy family antics.

Lohan’s life on OWN short-lived and boring to watch

But since the show is not at all interesting, the views are next to nil. It is also reported that Lindsay Lohan is the last to know that her reality show is being axed.

This is very disappointing for Lohan fans who were really pulling for a major comeback for Lindsay, especially Oprah.

Sources close to Oprah’s team claim that the Big O is completely livid with the 27-year-old former Disney actress because she has been leaking trashy stories to tabloids such as her exclusive and lengthy star studded sex list.

Also Lindsay’s personality is very Jekyll and Hyde,in one breath she is vowing a complete turn around, a major comeback with her life and career, and in the next breath she is knocking back vodka at Coachella.

At this point it completely up in the air as to what and where Lindsay  will go next, movie scripts are not being delivered to the troubled actress, and it is more than obvious that she can not rely on her parents as a form of support.

Sources close to Lohan are growing concerned about how Lindsay will handle the news from Oprah, this could be the one thing that will finally send the young actress completely over the edge.

Do you believe Lindsay Lohan will become so desperate and depressed over the turn her career has taken, or not taken that she will go off the deep end again completely?

What will Lindsay Lohan’s next career move be?

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