Lifetime’s ‘The Brittany Murphy Story’ trailer revealed

The Brittany Murphy Story trailer released.
The Brittany Murphy Story trailer released. (Lifetime)

The first trailer for Lifetime’s “The Brittany Murphy” story has been revealed. In the first look at the made for TV movie, Brittany is made out to be the victim of society.

‘The Brittany Murphy Story’ trailer released by Lifetime

The dramatic trailer for “The Brittany Murphy Story” shows a young Brittany Murphy making it in Hollywood, leaning on her mother, Sharon, in hard times, meeting and marrying her husband, Simon Monjack, and popping prescription medication.

In the trailer, Brittany is harassed by the paparazzi while words such as “paranoid” and “targeted” flash on the screen. A cover of the song “What Is Love,” is hauntingly played during the preview.

Brittany Murphy’s tragic life played out on screen

The trailer ends with Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, played by Eric Petersen, telling reporters, “You all killed her.”

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