Lifetime’s ‘Petals On The Wind’ had one big problem

petals on the wind movie lifetime
petals on the wind movie lifetime

Lifetime’s “Flowers In The Attic” sequel “Petals On The Wind” debuted on Memorial Day, and while the acting by the leads was the highlight of the film, the made for TV movie had one big problem.

Lifetime’s ‘Petals On The Wind’ felt too rushed

Fans of the original V.C. Andrews novels know that “Petals On The Wind” is probably the most informative and scandalous book of the “Flowers In The Attic” series, but the 2 hour time slot, which included commercials, just wasn’t enough to tell the story.

The movie felt rushed, not to mention a lot of information was cut out of the adaptation to make it fit within the time constraints.

We’re thinking Lifetime needs to make the next movie it the series “If There Be Thorns” a two part event, or allow for more time such as an extra hour to get the story told right.

To us, “Petals On The Wind” felt too rushed, but were still totally glued to our TV screens watching, and loving, every minute of it!

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