Lady Gaga strips for boyfriend Taylor Kinney and 1200 spectators

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Lady Gaga gets down and dirty in New York

Lady Gaga has recently found a new way to entertain her boyfriend and 1200 of their closest friends, by putting on a raunchy strip show.

Lady Gaga followed up her Friday night show at Roseland Ballroom by giving her boyfriend Taylor Kinney with 1200 spectators watching on as Lady Gaga gave Taylor quite a lap dance.

Reports reveal that Gaga was dressed in a black leotard, fishnets and a cap that was made of shredded garbage bags. Gaga arrived through a side door and was escorted in by eight body guards.

Lady Gaga even was kind enough to stop on her way in and pose for pictures with some NYPD’s finest.

Lady Gaga one step to far?

Gaga reportedly began her strip dance by entertaining the entire crowd as she began writhing on stage. Before she met up with Taylor in a VIP area of the club.

One eye witness stated: “She then assumed a stripper persona and put on a show for him.

“She was doing a serious lap dance and they started making out.”

The dance got so intense that the couple reportedly started making out so hot and heavy that Lady Gaga’s security team pulled curtains around Gaga and Taylor and ten other couples inside the VIP area.

Another witness to Lady Gaga’s strip dance reveals:

“She jumped on a banquette, pulled Taylor’s face into her crotch, was stroking his hair while she sang along with her duet song with R.Kelly “do what you want . . . with my body.”

Ah, celebrity love, isn’t it romantic?

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s strip show?

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