Kendra Wilkinson’s baby girl named after someone special

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett filming marriage troubles
kendra wilkinson baby name revealed

Kendra Wilkinson has revealed her baby girl’s name. The former Playboy model and her husband, Hank Baskett, have named their newborn daughter, Alijah Mary Baskett.

Kendra Wilkinson’s baby name revealed

Alijah, is the another form of the name, Elijah, as Kendra used a name typically used for a boy and flipped it into her girls name, which has become a Hollywood baby trend lately.

Jessica Simpson’s daughter’s name is Maxwell Drew, and Drew Barrymore’s newborn daughter’s name if Frankie.

Kendra’s daughter named after Mary O’Connor?

Kendra Wilkinson’s baby girl is also seemingly named after someone very important to her, Mary O’Connor.

Mary was seen by “Girls Next Door” fans as the older woman who was Hugh Hefner’s right hand, as she basically ran the Playboy Mansion, and took care of Hef.

Mary sadly died last year, but was very close to Kendra Wilkinson, and her former co-stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. In fact, Mary was very much a mother figure to the girls.

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