Kendall Jenner bullied at Fashion Week in NYC

Kendall Jenner to pose for Playboy?
Kendall Jenner to pose for Playboy?
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Kendall Jenner bullied at Fashion Week by some of the other models is making headlines today putting a damper on the aspiring models dreams.

Kendall Jenner treated badly by models at Fashion Week?

The Kendall Jenner bullying allegedly took place during the New York Fashion Week, where sources claim that Kendall was constantly bullied by some nasty models In Touch reported.

It is speculated that young Kendall Jenner bullied by the models stems from some major jealousy on the parts of the others who believed they had to work hard to earn their spot on the runway, and many believe it to be unfair that Kendall Jenner was walking along side hem in shows for prestigious designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Dona Karan and Tommy Hilfiger.

Sources close to the situation stated that a group of the models “started acting bitchy towards Kendal, some even “put out their cigarettes in Kendall’s drink.”

Could Kendall have been mistaken about the bullying?

One designer stated that they did not believe that it possible that Kendall Jenner bullied was even something that would happen on the runway.Talk behind her back, sounds more like it .

Media outlets have reached out to Kendall Jenner’s reps for comment on her side of the alleged Kendall Jenner bullied rumors. Could it be that many o these models feel a bit slighted believing that Kendall Jenner has not paid her dues in the modeling world yet and is being given some form of special treatment, or strings pulled due to her family connections with the Kardashians?

Another speculated thought from some fans on this story believe that it is possible that Kendall Jenner is out of her league just yet and instead of admitting that she has more work to do and modeling experience to gain concocted the who Kendall Jenner bullied story to make herself feel and look better in the eyes of her family and fans?

Stay tuned for an update on this one as soon as someone from the Kardashian/Jenner family comes forward to speak on these Kendall Jenner bullied allegations.
Request for comment from Jenner’s rep has yet to be returned at this time.

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