Kate Upton bombshell hair steals show on red carpet

kate upton bombshell hair
kate upton bombshell hair
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Kate Upton’s bombshell hair stole the show at “The Other Woman” screening this week, as the gorgeous blonde stunned on the red carpet

Kate Upton bombshell hair steals the show at movie screening

The model wore modest clothing, including an animal print blouse with bow, and dangle earrings with red lipstick, but it was her hair that really looked amazing.

PHOTOS: Kate Upton rocks bombshell hair! 

Kate Upton’s bombshell hair style was sleek, and reminiscent of old Hollywood, which suited her perfectly.

Upton ready to emerge as true Hollywood royalty?

While Kate is a model, her performance in “The Other Woman” could really help her break out and into more movie roles, like Brooklyn Decker did after appearing in the Adam Sandler film, “Just Go With It.”

The cover girl has really been making waves for her style and uniquely gorgeous looks, and if she continues to bring her A-game in the style and beauty aspects, she’ll be an all-around Hollywood glamour girl.

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