Justin Timberlake $4000 tip makes bar staff’s night

 JT leaves generous tip at German bar

Justin Timberlake made a grand gesture in Germany earlier this week after leaving the bar staff a whopping tip of nearly $4000 after an evening in their establishment.Justin Timberlake, who is in Cologne, Germany during his European tour made a night of it with pals at the Crystal Cologne nightclub, after being personally invited by the club’s owner.

Timberlake and crew spent several hours parting in the German bar on the house as the owners guest, but being the class act that Justin truly is showed his appreciation to the bar staff leaving them a incredibly generous tip.

The venue’s owner, Yunus Arslan, tells the publication, “He was in a great mood, a real gentleman.”

Justin Timberlake among list of most generous celebrities


Justin Timberlake’s generosity and kindness does not start and stop here.

JT is well known for his charitable passions that includes one that began with his ventures through ‘N Sync’s “Challenge for the Children,” and since 2001 his “Justin Timberlake Foundation,” which initially funded music education programs in schools.

It is always so awesome to see celebrities giving back to their communities and charities, ands using their blessings to help others along the way.

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