Justin Bieber secretly got two women pregnant – Report

Justin Bieber got 2 women pregnant?
Justin Bieber got 2 women pregnant? (Instagram)

Justin Bieber has reportedly secretly gotten at least 2 women pregnant in recent years, but that his team cleaned up his mess behind him.

Justin Bieber got 2 women pregnant and covered it up!

Justin has become a scandal magnet over the past few years as he’s been busted leaving a brothel, spitting on fans, arrested for a DUI, and the subject of a racist video.

Bieber’s team cleans up his messes

However, if Justin Bieber really did get 2 women pregnant, it would be his biggest scandal ever. According to In Touch Magazine, Bieber’s team covered up the pregnancies after confirming the legitimacy of the situations.

Paternity scandal on the way for Justin Bieber?

The report claims that the women are taken care of financially, but that they are “cut off” from Justin Bieber. Will there be a huge paternity scandal coming Justin’s way in the future? It seems Bieber’s more out of control than ever, and is taking no responsibility for his actions.

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