Justin Bieber detained: Denied entrance to United States?

Justin Bieber booed during Juno Awards
Justin Bieber booed during Juno Awards
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Justin Bieber held up at LAX

Justin Bieber has been denied entrance into the United States and is being detained at the Los Angeles Airports today, at least for now.

Pop sensation and troubled 20, year-old Justin Bieber is stuck at LAX after attempting to return to the United States after a recent visit to Asia.

Immigration officers put a halt to Bieber and his entourage earlier today where he is being held for questioning by immigration officers, and COULD possibly be denied entrance back into the country at this time.

Will Justin Bieber be deported?

The officials are reportedly detaining Justin Bieber due to his past and lengthy list of criminal behavior inside and outside of the United States that consist of a DUI arrest, a vandalism case, and assault.

Most likely The Biebs will be released through after a long question and answer period at LAX. It seems as if the Baby hitmaker is going to be reminded of his poor behavior and bad choices at every possible available opportunity.

One would think after so many similar incidents he might just get the message, but we are talking about Justin Bieber, so it could take a while before he finally accepts and faces the real consequences behind his behavior.

Do you believe Justin Bieber is cooperating with officials, or will he have one of his now famous deposition style fits?

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