Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger a far cry from Jack Sparrow

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Johnny Depp goes gangster as Whitey Bulger

Johnny Depp to Whitey Bulger transformation is amazing. The makeup and wardrobe used to turn the Hollywood heart throb into the Boston gangster makes Depp nearly unrecognizable.

Depp is known for his infamous transformations throughout his film career with Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, and Jack Sparrow, but the latest is truly remarkable.

.Not new to the organized crime film family Johnny Depp , 50 has played some pretty convincing roles including “Donnie Brasco,” and in “Public Enemies”

Johnny Depp dons bald cap as mobster Whitey Bulger

But, for his new role Depp is hidden under a bald cap, and heavily made up to resemble James Whitey Bulger the famous Boston mobster.

Whitey Bulger was convicted in 2011 on 11 counts of murder, drug trafficking, racketeering, extortion and money laundering.

Johnny Depp spoke enthusiastically about portraying this roles saying,

“He’s a fascinating character. It’s not like anything I’ve done before, on that level. I’m very excited to slide into that skin for a little bit.”

Depp claims that on filming the role that is based on a real person he felt an added responsibility to the character.

“Take John Dillinger (in “Public Enemies”) for example, I felt a great responsibility to John Dillinger and his family to play him as close as anyone could to play him properly,” said Depp.

“I did as much research as I could. It was a great responsibility playing the Earl of Rochester, you know, because he was a real person. It was a great responsibility playing Joe Pistone in ‘Donnie Brasco.'”

Whitey Bulger,84, is best known the infamous Boston crime boss who spent decades eliminating the competition, turning rat to the FBI and was hiding for a decade before he was finally caught in 2011.

Johnny Depp is currently in Boston filming the Scott Cooper directed film “Black Mass.” The film is scheduled for release in October of 2015.

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