Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock Hollywood’s new besties

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock new gal pals in Hollywood
Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock new gal pals in Hollywood

Jennifer Aniston is rolling with a new celebrity BFF these days, Sandra Bullock.

It appears that Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox and Chelsea Handler will have to accept a new girl in the club these days.

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock hanging out in Hollywood

Reports reveal that Jen and Sandra have recently became great gal pals after they met during a dinner party that was thrown by a mutual friend,Gweneth Paltrow.

Exes seem to be a subject of interest that Jennifer Anniston has in common with some of Hollywood’s female hotties.

New Friends group revealed

Us Weekly, claims that Anniston, 45, and Bullock, 49, became fast friends after chatting during Gweneth’s party when they discovered they both had dated Tate Donavon.

They also both have a nasty divorce under their belt, where they were both cheated on and wronged by their hubby’s, Brad Pitt and Jesse James.

“Jen and Sandra are new BFFs. They’re very excited about the new friendship.”

Sandra Bullock was previously engaged to Tate, who’s currently starring in Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, in the early ’90s and after the two split, Aniston dated and became engaged to the now actor for a period of time.

Even though Jennifer Anniston and Tate never married the two have remained on good terms throughout the years.
“Sandra and Jen have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company. They have been having each other over for dinner regularly.”

Does this mean that Courtney Cox and Chelsea Handler may be getting less and less time with Jen, or will the girls Friends circle just keep growing.

And by the way who would have believed that Jen is pals with Qweneth, after the whole brad thing, do you think that means that there is one day hope that Angie and Jen will one day become BFFs too?

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