Jared Leto wants to date Katy Perry

jared leto wants to date katy perry
jared leto wants to date katy perry
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Jared Leto and Katy Perry are two of Hollywood’s hottest singles, and now they could become one of the hottest celebrity couples.

Jared Leto and Katy Perry hooking up?

According to OK! Magazine, Jared and Katy were both at Coachella, and caught each other’s eyes.

Now, Jared Leto is trying to arrange a date with Katy Perry, or at least an opportunity to hang out alone with the singer.

Mutual friends of Leto and Perry are allegedly trying to hook the sexy stars up, and it seems Jared fits Katy’s type quite nicely.

Jared is Katy’s type!

Since she recently dated John Mayer and was married to Russell Brand, it’s safe to say she likes musicans and actors (Jared is both like Russell.) who are scruffy, shaggy, hot, well spoken, and a bit of a bad boy. (We understand, Katy!)

So, Jared Leto is Katy Perry’s type, but is she his type? It’s hard to say, but we like the possibility of this pairing. We’re already calling them “Jaty.”

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