James Franco bedroom selfies crash Instagram

james franco confesses to hitting on underage girl online.
james franco confesses to hitting on underage girl online.

Franco at it again online

James Franco has been getting some major attention, in a bit of a creepy way these past several days.

Most recently since he posted a couple of questionable bedroom selfies on his Instagram account that caused his age to crash from excessive viewings.

View James Franco Bedroom Selfies Here

On Friday James Franco posted the first shirtless selfie taken in his bed with the caption,“GOOD MORNING – ARE YOU OUT THERE, baby?”

The second photo arrived online just moments later captioned: BREAKFAST IN BED MISSED YOU.”

If fans did not find Friday’s postings odd enough then they were really stunned to wake up on Saturday for a repeat performance, with James Franco alerting the viewers that these were for anyone who may have missed then the first time around ”POSTING BEDROOM SELFIES.”

James Franco weird obsession online?

This selfie fever comes just days after Franco was found texting an underage 17-year-old girl, whom he was attempting to hook up with online.

Fans are now wondering just what is going on in the mind of James Franco these days, if he is just hosting a publicity stunt or if he has gone off the creepy deep end these days.

Let us know what you think about James Franco’s recent and weird behavior, is he just acting out for attention, or is it a cry for help?

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