Jackie Lynn Taylor ‘Little Rascals’ actress dead at 88

Hollywood starlet dead at 88

Jackie Lynn Taylor who played one of the Little Rascals in the classic Little Rascals shorts back in 1934 died on Monday in Sacramento, California at the age of 88.

Jackie Lynn Taylor’s death was confirmed by her husband Jack Fries, a former CBS journalist and anchorman, who state that his wife had passed away following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Taylor was best known as the Little Rascal Jane, who was the girlfriend of the gang leader Wally(Wally Albright.) Her best remembered episode was titled Hi-Neighbor, where the gang of Little Rascals decided to spend a day building their very own fire engine.

Little Rascals, Jane, dies

As Jackie Lynn Taylor grew she became too tall for the role of Jane and was later replaced by Darla Hood.

Taylor once revealed during an interview in 2000 with The Bee,

“We didn’t have scripts. We played together. We were kids who worked together, who played together and who went to school together. We weren’t great actors, but we got along.”

In 1970 Jackie Lynn Taylor penned a book about time with The Rascals, The Turned-on Hollywood 7. She also later co-hosted with Fries The Little Rascals Family Theatre.

Her acting career also carried credits with appearances in Our Gang producer Hal Roach’s Laurel & Hardy films The Devil’s Brother (1933) and Babes in Toyland (1934).

Her credits also include directing and producing television programs as well as performing in over seventy-five movies, numerous TV dramas and national commercials.

Long after her acting career was over Jackie Lynn Taylor later became one of the first female TV hosts in Southern California at KTTV.

Later, she worked at KTTV in Los Angeles as one of the first female TV co-hosts in Southern California. She went on to host shows or work as a reporter in such California cities as Bakersfield, Tulare, Stockton, Salinas and Sacramento.

Rest In Peace Jackie Lynn Taylor.

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