Jack Nicholson’s son Ray: Look-a-like duo

Jack Nicholson’s son Ray is the 77-year-old film legend’s 22-year-old look alike.

The resemblance between a father and son is not unusual, but Jack Nicholson’s son Ray could actually portray the younger version of his father to a tee, eye brows, and all.

No question who about paternity here

The father son team was spotted out together on Saturday, August 16 in the Hamptons during a fundraiser event for the Apollo Theater together at Ronald Perelman’s estate.

The family members sat side by side posing for photographs, and each flashing those million dollar smiles for the cameras while stunning on lookers with their uncanny resemblance.

Ray Nicholson, 22, is the the youngest child. He is the legendary actor’s second child with actress Rebecca Broussard, with who, he was in a relationship from 1989 until 1994.

Like father, like son, strong family genes

Ray works as an assistant director and has worked both sides of the camera having a small cameo in the 2006 flick The Benchwarmers.

Young Ray aspires to who aspires to be a director — already has two assistant director credits to his name, most recently for comedic drama A Reunion that was released early in 2014.

It would how ever be pretty cool to see him act say in a remake of Stephen King‘s The Shining…Just saying?

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