‘How I Met Your Mother’ spin-off ‘How I Met Your Dad’ not happening on CBS

greta gerwig how i met your dad
greta gerwig how i met your dad
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The “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off, “How I Met Your Dad” is no longer happening. CBS has killed the show before it even began.

‘How I Met Your Dad’ killed by CBS

The network officially passed on the series, which was to star Gretta Gerwig, after the pilot was filmed, and they didn’t like it.

CBS reportedly asked the show’s creators, Craig Thomas and Cater Bays to reshoot the “How I Met Your Dad” pilot, but they had no interest in doing so.

CBS chief Nina Tassler told reporters on Wednesday that the network didn’t think “HIMYD” had “certain creative elements” that worked and began talking to Bays and Thomas about reworking the pilot.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ spin-off wasn’t up to par

However, as of right now it doesn’t seem that the “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off is happening, but that CBS and 20th are haggling over who might pay for a new pilot.

We are so bummed about this. We were really looking forward to the “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off, “How I Met Your Dad,” but we have to say that if it wasn’t up to par, it would have been a disappointment anyway.

UPDATE: It seems that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ is being shopped to other networks after CBS  passed on the series. Perhaps we’ll see it on ABC, NBC, or another network in the near future! 

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