‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale: Robin Sparkles scene cut from show

how i met your mother finale robin sparkles
how i met your mother finale robin sparkles

The “How I Met Your Mother” series finale aired on Monday night, and people are still talking about it, but we’re not here to rehash that. We’ve already done it in other posts.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale: Robin Sparkles cut!

However, we did find out that 18 whole minutes were CUT from the finale, including a what was sure to be legendary performance by Robin Sparkles at her wedding reception. (Wow, we really wish we would have gotten to see that!)

Anyway, to make matter worse, the scene included Robin singing “Let’s Go To The Mall,” in her retro jean jacket, with the robot on stage, and “the mother” on bass!

Will we ever see the cut 18 minutes of the ‘HIMYM’ series finale?

This scene, along with the addition minutes that were cut should be released to fans! Come on, we want to see them!

Hopefully, they’ll be part of the special features when “How I Met Your Mother” the final season hits DVD.

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