‘How I Met Your Mother’: Funeral scene cut from finale

how i met your mother cut funeral scene from series finale
how i met your mother cut funeral scene from series finale

How I Met Your Mother” fans are still reeling about the series finale in which it’s revealed that Ted’s wife has died and he is still in love with Robin, and now Alyson Hannigan, who played Lily on the hit show, is giving away a few finale secrets.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ funeral scene cut from finale

Alyson revealed that she thought he “How I Met Your Mother” finale could have been better if all the scenes had gotten to air, such as a funeral scene, likely shot at Ted’s wife’s funeral, and some scenes between Ted and Robin that would have made the ending not feel “so sudden.”

Alyson Hannigan weighs in on ‘HIMYM’ series finale

As for all the criticism about the “HIMYM” finale, Alyson Hannigan’s theory is that the fans loved it so much, and were so involved with it for nine years, that now that it’s over they’re trying to feel better by only looking at the bad. Meanwhile, Hannigan already has her next role lined up, and is filming a pilot for another CBS sitcom.

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