‘How I Met Your Mother’ alternate ending to be released

how i met your mother series finale alternate ending season 9 dvd

How I Met Your Mother” fans will get to see an alternate ending in the season 9 DVD box set when it’s released this fall.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ alternate ending to be released

Many fans didn’t like the ending the series, in which Ted finally meets the mother, whose name is Tracy, and she dies later on.

Ted’s children then realize that his entire story is about his real love for Robin, and he goes to Robin’s apartment with the blue French horn, and it’s implied that they get back together.

No new footage will appear in the ‘HIMYM’ alternate ending

However, we’ll see a different “How I Met Your Mother” ending this fall, but this alternate ending reportedly does not involve any new scenes, but is a re-editing of the original footage shot.

We’re hoping for happier ending this time around, although we’ll never be able to un-see the true series finale.

In addition to the alternate ending the “HIMYM” season 9 DVD will also include a new clip answering one of the mysteries of the show that was never resolved. We’re thinking it’s the pineapple incident!

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