Harry Styles exposes himself on stage in Brazil

Harry Styles lucky to be in Taylor Swift songs.

Harry Styles reveals all

Harry Styles of One Direction caused a major frenzy among hormonal teenage girls across the world again, this time exposing himself on stage in Brazil.

The One Direction pop singer recently revealed some very personal new ink, in his groin area.

Harry Styles unzipped his pants while on stage and flashed a smile and his new artwork to thousands of screaming females.


Teenage girls floored by Harry Styles new tat

During One Direction’s concert in Rio de Janeiro Harry wowed fans when he unzipped his jeans and exposed his…new tattoo revealing the word “Brasil” on his left side to honor the guys latest concert stop.

So far, there have been no reports of One Directioner’s being carted out by ambulances afterwards.

But, as many shows as One Direction is doing during their World Tour, if Harry Styles gets inked in honor of every stop, he will soon be one big ink spot.

Harry is such a scoundrel, and is known for his pranks and popularity with the girls.

As previously reported, Harry Styles allegedly reconnected with former girlfriend Kendall Jenner last month while the two were at the Coachella Music Festival, but whether or not the two are an item again has yet to be officially confirmed.

Harry Styles and James Franco giving the fans what they want.

What don you think about Harry Styles revealing his new tattoo to his fans?

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