‘Full House’ shockers: Bob Saget dishes behind the scenes secrets

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Full House” star Bob Saget is revealing the biggest shockers from behind the scenes of the wholesome family sitcom in his new book.

‘Full House’ shockers: Bob Saget dishes behind the scenes secrets

The “Full House” gang may have looked like the perfect on-screen family, but behind the scenes they were anything but perfect.

Saget’s new book dishes all the dirt on what really went down when the cameras stopped rolling.

The biggest ‘Full House’ shockers

  • Bob and co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier did “whip-its” after filming a birthday party scene on set.
  • Bob put the cast in a dangerous situation when he threw coffee on a wall of high voltage light switches. Luckily, no fire broke out.
  • Bob’s raunchy on set behavior: Saget revealed he used to get frisky with a rubber doll used as the Olsen twins stand in. Just for laughs, we hope.
  • Potty Mouth: Bob Saget says he would lose his temper on set from time to time and yell out obscenities.
  • Dirty Jokes: Bob, John, and Dave would make dirty jokes on set, and even though the kids weren’t sure of the content, they knew it was bad.
  • Diaper Duty: Bob also reveals that he changed the Olson twins’ diapers from time to time while filming.
  • Counting Down: Saget says that as Mary Kate and Ashley grew older they were aware of the countdown people made of them turning 18.
  • Dave’s Gas: Dave Coulier would “fart” loudly and on cue says Saget, who remembers everyone running from set at the smell of his gas.
  • Dirty drawings: Bob, John, and Dave would doodle inappropriate photos on their scripts during meetings.
  • Still causing trouble: Even though the show is over, Bob, John, and Dave are still tight, and love to get into trouble together.
  • Coulier and Saget were real-life roommates before “Full House.”
  • A psychologist on set once told Saget he was having a “manic episode.”
  • Danny Tanner 2.0: Bob Saget says he’s the one who helped develop the character and turned him in to a hugger and neurotic cleaner.

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