‘Friends’ has been off the air for 10 years – What is the cast doing now?

friends tv show ended 10 years ago may 6, 2004
friends tv show ended 10 years ago may 6, 2004

It’s been 10 years since “Friends” ended it’s 10 year run on NBC with the finale that was watched by millions on May 6, 2004.

‘Friends’ has been off TV for a decade!

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were the six closest, funniest, and most beloved tv friends of their time.

So, a decade after “Friends” has wrapped, what are the stars of the show doing now? Let’s find out…

Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer, who played Rachel Green, is arguably the break out star of “Friends.” Her career took flight after ending the comedy series, and she’s gone on to star in multiple films.

Jen’s been married and divorced from Brad Pitt, and has dated John Mayer and Vince Vaughn, but currently she’s planning a wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux.

Courteney Cox – Courteney, who portrayed Monica Gellar on the show, also got a divorce from her husband, David Arquette. The actress went on to star in the series “Dirt,” and later the hilarious “Cougar Town.” Courteney is currently raising her daughter, Coco, and living with her rocker boyfriend, Johnny McDaid.

Matthew Perry – Perry  played the funny and sarcastic Chandler Bing, who always had us laughing with his one-liners, and that delivery. Could it be any funnier? Since wrapping “Friends,” Matthew has gone on to star in movies like “17 Again,” and TV shows like “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Perry has also directed and done voiceover work for video games.

David Schwimmer – Since ending his run on “Friends” as the neurotic Ross Gellar, David has stayed mostly out of the spotlight, working behind the scenes as a director on movies such as “Run Fatboy Run.” In 2010, David married Zoe Buckman. The couple have one child together.

Matt LeBlanc – Matt always had us laughing as the gullible, and lovable, Joey Tribbiani. Since ending “Friends” in 2004, LeBlanc tried his hand at a spin-off titled “Joey,” and later landed the TV show, “Episodes,” where he stars as himself, a role in which he won a Golden Globe for.

Lisa Kudrow – As Phoebe Buffay, Kudrow was always loved by fans for her hippie, yet firm, street smart ways. Since leaving the show, Lisa appeared in the HBO series, “The Comeback,” and is currently starring in the Showtime series “Web Therapy.” Kudrow was a producer on the series “Who Do You Think You Are?” and has starred in films such as “Easy A” since leaving Central Perk behind.

‘Friends’ reunion hopes

While fans are still desperately holding out hope for a “Friends” reunion sometime in the near future, they may never get their wish. Although they’re been talk, rumors, and speculation about it, Courteney Cox recently revealed that she can’t even get the cast together for a dinner, so a reunion, isn’t going to happen!

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