Frankie Muniz reveals he wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers from Donald Sterling

Frankie Muniz reveals desire to buy the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling
Frankie Muniz reveals desire to buy the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling
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Muniz disgusted by Donald Sterling

Frankie Muniz has voiced his thoughts along with many more about the Los Angeles Clippers drama surrounding owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks and life ban from the NBA.

Frankie Muniz a lifetime Clipper’s fan tweeted his disgust yesterday amidst the Donald Sterling news adding that he would like to buy the Clippers.

“There’s no place in the NBA for people like Donald Sterling,” Muniz asserts. “The punishment the NBA has imposed on him was well warranted.”

Frankie Muniz is best known for his starring role as Malcolm i the popular hit comedy sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle.” The show also starred “Breaking Bad” favorite Brian Cranston.

On Tuesday Muniz went on a bit of a rant via Twitter stating,

“I’ve never been a fan of the owner. I never wanted the team to win for the owner,” Muniz writes. “I am a fan of the players, the coaches, and I root for the team to win for the fans.”

“I’m disgusted by the things said by owner Donald Sterling,” he continues. “I feel badly for the players, coaches and all members of the Los Angeles Clippers staff. They have worked incredibly hard to put together an amazing team.”

Frankie Muniz tweets he wants to buy the Clippers

Frankie Muniz followed up his thoughts on Donald Sterling, by adding a small tweet claiming that he was planning to buy the Clippers now.

Whether or not this is a impulse tweet, or could be an actuality is not known, all we do know for certain at this time is that Donald Sterling is on his way out, or way or another, and a new owner will be coming soon.

Do you see Frankie Muniz as a future NBA owner? Who do you see as the Clippers next owner?

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