Ed Sheeran wants Taylor Swift to date Orlando Bloom

ed sheeran says taylor swift should date orlando bloom

Ed Sheeran is dishing on who his close friend Taylor Swift should date next, and he’s hoping she’ll hook up with Orlando Bloom.

Ed Sheeran wants Taylor Swift to date Orlando Bloom

Sheeran says he’d pick the “Pirates of The Caribbean” star as Swift’s next love interest if he had any power over the situation.

Although Taylor Swift and Orlando Bloom would make a good looking couple, would they be well suited for each other?

Taylor needs a good guy

Bloom is still fresh off his split with wife Miranda Kerr, and the couple have a child together. Does Swift really want to date a man with a kid while she’s still so young?

Besides the fact that we’d likely get some juicy songs about her Orlando Bloom romance, we’d love for Taylor Swift to date a traditional guy with great manors, and sweet disposition. Come on, hasn’t she dated enough bad boy types? (cough, cough, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal…)

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