Days of Our Lives spoilers: Sami and Nicole’s epic cat fight

days of our lives spoilers sami nicole
days of our lives spoilers sami nicole
‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers June 16-20. (NBC)

Days of Our Lives fans are in for some drama this week as Sami Brady and Nicole Walker’s rivalry heats up again, and escalates into a huge cat fight, according to the latest spoilers.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Sami and Nicole get into huge fight

It seems that Sami will be thrilled when she gets to gloat to Nicole about her twin brother Eric calling off their engagement, as she never approved of Eric marrying Nicole to begin with.

Nicole, who is a deeply fragile state right now, because, well, she messes up everything that could potentially make her happy in life, will freak out over Sami’s words, and a massive fight will break out at the Brady pub.

Sami and Nicole’s have a long history of bad blood

Days of Our Lives viewers have seen Sami and Nicole get into many fights in the past, but this one looks like it will get very physical, and we can’t help but wonder who will be there to break it up.

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