Days of Our Lives spoilers: Kristen DiMera returns to cause trouble

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Does Brady and Theresa's baby have health problems?
Days of Our Lives spoilers: Kristen Dimera returns.
Days of Our Lives spoilers: Kristen Dimera returns. (NBC)

Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week reveal that Kristen DiMera will return to Salem, and bring with her a whole lot of trouble.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Kristen DiMera’s return to Salem

Kristen’s return will impact so many of Salem’s residents. When she comes back to town it will likely have a huge impact on Eric, whom she drugged, raped, and cause to lose his place as a priest at the church.

Eric will probably have some very choice words for Kristen, who basically ruined his life by destroying his career, which then lead him to fall for Nicole, who betrayed him, and caused him even more pain.

Kristen’s return will also cause Brady Black a lot of pain. Kristen was engaged to Brady, and her betrayal, along with her absence was what sparked his relapse of drugs and alcohol. Now, thanks to his new “wife” Theresa, he’s in deeper than ever with his addiction issues, a Days of Our Lives story line that earned actor Eric Martsolf and Emmy.

Days of Our Lives bad girl is back

Brady’s father, John, will also have something to say to Ms. DiMera when he sees her. John, who is in the hospital due to Brady’s attack, (But really Theresa’s attack.) used to be married to Kristen, and has been trying to track her down since she left Salem so that Brady could have some closure on their relationship.

John’s estranged wife, Marlena, will also be upset to see Kristen back in town, since she’s basically the reason that John and Marlena are no longer together.

Meanwhile, Sami and EJ will also be impacted by Kristen DiMera’s return. Sami will want to rip Kristen apart for what she did to her twin brother Eric, and as EJ’s sister, Kristen will probably want to help her brother out of legal trouble, and get back at Sami for taking over his company in the wake of his cheating scandal with Abigail.

Wow! So much drama for one person, even if it is in Salem! What do you think about Kristen DiMera’s return on Days of Our Lives? Tweet us @OMGNewsDaily or leave a comment below.

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