Days of Our Lives spoilers: EJ makes Abby a big promise

days of our lives spoilers ej abby nick

Days of Our Lives fans have been torn of the EJ and Abby affair storyline. However, according to this week’s spoilers, EJ will make Abby a big promise, and we’re not sure if he can keep it.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: EJ makes Abby a big promise

After Abigail learns that Nick knows about her torrid affair with EJ, of course she’s going to run right to DiMera for help. (Who else is she going to talk to about it?)

EJ will promise Abby that Nick will not expose their affair to the world, namely his fiancé, Sami, but can he deliver?

Will Nick get the last laugh?

Of course, Nick will be shot this week, (Thanks May sweeps!) but will he still get the last laugh in exposing EJ’s indiscretions with Abby?

Since this is Salem we’re talking about, and anything can, and will, happen, we’re thinking the affair will be exposed eventually, but when, and by who? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and who shoots Nick!

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