Days of Our Lives spoilers: Does Sonny shoot Nick?

days of our lives spoilers sonny
days of our lives spoilers sonny

Days of Our Lives fans know a big shocker is coming this week when Nick Fallon is shot, but who is the one who pulls the trigger, could it be Sonny Kiriakis?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will Sonny be the one to shoot Nick?

Sonny has every reason to want Nick out of his life, and the lives of those he loves like husband, Will, his daughter Ariana, and her mother Gabi.

Sonny living up to the Kiriakis name?

While Sonny has always been one of the tamest members of the Kiriakis clan, he’s still a Kiriakis, as he’s reminded Nick in the past, and is totally capable of making Nick’s life hell, or ending it all together.

Will Sonny finally snap and take desperate measures to protect those that he’s loves most in true Kiriakis form, or will someone else be the one responsible for Nick being gunned down in cold blood? We can’t wait to find out.

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