‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Rescues Melanie, Her Secret Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Brady saves Melanie, Her secret is out.
Days of Our Lives spoilers: Brady saves Melanie, Her secret is out. (NBC)

Days of Our Lives” fans have been wondering what in the world Melanie Jonas has gotten herself into now as she rushed back to Salem from Europe where she’d been living with her mother, Carly Manning.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Melanie’s Secret is Out!

Since Melanie’s return, she’s been secretive, paranoid, nervous, and carrying around a ton of money. “Days of Our Lives” fans have also seen a man and a woman tracking her down, and on Friday they finally found her.

Melanie ran from the pair, but they finally caught up to her, and it looks like Ms. Jonas is in big trouble. However, as previously reported by Hollywood News Daily, “Days of Our Lives” resident knight in shining armor, Brady Black will arrive to save the day.

Brady will rescue Melanie from her situation, and then Melanie will be forced to tell Brady her big secret. Of course, knowing Brady he’ll swoop right in to help her as he can’t resist helping a damsel in distress, just as Kristen, Theresa, Nicole, Ariana, and all the other women he’s dated.

Eric, Sonny, and Abigail Deal With Their Exes

Meanwhile on “Days of Our Lives” Eric will receive a visitor from his past, an ex-girlfriend perhaps? It looks like Nicole will have someone else to talk trash about.

Sonny will hit a snag with his plans for the new club, and without husband Will to lean on, could he turn to his ex-boyfriend, Paul Norita, who’s trying to win him back?

Abigail will also have her own drama this week as she and Chad will have another run-in, and she’ll issue a warning to her former boyfriend.

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