Days of Our Lives spoilers: A surprise wedding in Salem this summer

days of our lives spoilers summer wedding
days of our lives spoilers summer wedding
Days of Our Lives spoilers. (NBC)

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the summer ahead reveal that Sami and EJ aren’t the only couple who will be walking down the aisle. 

Days of Our Lives spoilers: A surprising wedding in Salem

In fact, one Salem couple will surprise many when they decide to tie the knot, but the union will have some serious repercussions for those closest to them.

Which Days of Our Lives couple will tie the knot? It’s hard to say, there are so many possibilities. It could be Jennifer and Daniel, but that’s a little too predictable.

Which couple will tie the knot?

Our prediction is that it will be a much more controversial union for a couple such as Brady and Theresa or even Kate and Stefano.

While Days is setting up a possible Kate and Stefano reunion, which would definitely hurt Sami and EJ, it seems they could be likely candidates to be the ones to wed in this summer’s surprising nuptials.

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