‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Eric gets cold feet about marriage

days of our lives spoilers eric and nicole
days of our lives spoilers eric and nicole

“Days of Our Lives” fans watched on Friday as Eric told Nicole he wanted to marry her.

Of course, Nicole was thrilled and even asked about setting a date. However, this week Eric may be regretting his words.

In the newly released “Days of Our Lives”preview for the week of March 24-28, Eric is seen confiding in Daniel as he tells him he doesn’t know if he really wants to marry Nicole.

Meanwhile Nicole is on cloud nine, and is gushing about Eric’s declaration of love.

Nicole even runs to tell her best friend, Daniel, that she and Eric are getting married.

It seems that Daniel will be in the middle of Eric and Nicole’s relationship drama this week on “Days,” as he’ll be busy with his own relationship with Jennifer, who is being stalked by the scary and unstable Liam.

It seems there will be a lot of couples drama in Salem this week.

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