Dane Witherspoon: Former soap star dead at age 56

Soap star Dane Witherspoon dies

Dane Witherspoon the former “Santa Barbara” soap star and actor has died at the age of 56.

Dane Witherspoon’s death was confirmed by A Martinez who, co-starred alongside of Witherspoon and his ex-wife actress Robin Wright on the 1980s daytime soap.posted on Facebook the following,

“Dane passed this morning. People who watched Santa Barbara in its earliest days will remember him as Joe Perkins, a character to which he brought a quiet grace and deep, bittersweet sense of soul.

“He was a singular, standup guy, loved and admired by many. My first thought, upon meeting him in 1984: ‘This is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen’. That beauty went all the way to his core.”

Dane Witherspoon was one of the original “Santa Barbara”  daytime soap cast members, but was replaced three months later after producers determined he was not a good fit for the role. Witherspoon returned to daytime as Tyler McCandless on Capitol; he played this part from 1985–86.

Daytime favorite passes


He married co-star actress Robin Wright in 1868 and divorced in 1988. Dane later remarried and is survived by his wife Tracy Shaffer and two sons.

Details surrounding Dane Witherspoon’s death have not been revealed at this time.

Rest In Peace Dane Witherspoon.

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