‘Dallas’ Cancelled: Fans Flood TNT with Angry Letters and Tweets

Dallas cancelled by TNT, fans protest.
Dallas cancelled by TNT, fans protest.
Dallas cancelled by TNT, fans protest. (TNT)

The TNT reboot of “Dallas” has officially been cancelled by the network, and fans of the dramatic soap aren’t happy to be losing the Ewing family yet again.

TNT cancels ‘Dallas,’ fans protest

Fans are so upset that “Dallas” has been cancelled that they are flooding TNT with letters, phone calls, tweets, and angry Facebook messages begging them to reconsider canceling the show.

However, all of the fuss over “Dallas” being cancelled could prompt another network to try and buy the rights to the show and continue airing new episodes, much like TBS did with “Cougar Town” when it was cancelled.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Netflix could be the perfect fit for “Dallas,” as they’ve been known to revive television shows in the past such as “Arrested Development.”

Will Netflix save ‘Dallas?’

Meanwhile, fans continue to hold out hope that “Dallas” will continue in some way, and star Patrick Duffy even took to his social media accounts encouraging fans to protest the show’s cancellation by TNT.

It’s unlikely that TNT will budge and change their minds about cancelling “Dallas,” but the media attention could be a good sign that the show may get picked up by another network if they’re willing to pay the big bucks for the rights to continue it. Will Netflix save the show? Only time will tell.

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