Clippers silent protest Donald Sterling during playoff game

l.a. clippers protest donald sterling during playoff game.

The L.A. Clippers are obviously not happy with owner Donald Sterling, and his alleged racist remarks against African-Americans and other minorities, and they showed it on the court in Sunday’s playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, as they held a silent protest against their owner.

Clippers silent protest against Donald Sterling racist remarks

The members of the Clipper’s team started the game by throwing their warm up jackets into a pile at center court, and wearing their warm up shirts inside out to hide the Clipper’s logo.

While all the Clippers players on the court wore their jersey’s in the usual fashion, they also sported black wristbands and black socks in silent protest to show their distain L.A. Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling and his racist comments, where were caught on audio tape, and involved his girlfriend, V. Silviano.

L.A. Clippers nearly boycotted the playoff game

The players, who held a team meeting after the audio was released, made their point clear, but they almost didn’t take the court at all.

According to team captain, Chris Paul, the L.A. Clippers nearly boycotted the playoff game, but that they decided playing would be the best thing to do.

The Clippers lost the game 118-97, and fans have to wonder if the Donald Sterling controversy had anything to do with the team’s mindset during the game.

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