Charlie Sheen: Ex-fiance Brett Rossi hospitalized following overdose

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Charlie Sheen continues to have bad luck with the women he brings into his life, or vice versa. Sheen’s ex-fiance Brett Rossi was rushed to the hospital this weekend following an overdose and possible suicide attempt.

Charlie Sheen concerned about Brett Rossi following overdose

It appears that Brett Rossi has not gotten over her break up from Charlie Sheen a few weeks ago, in fact the couple was suppose to marry later this month.

Brett Rossi overdose caused from heartbreak over Charlie Sheen?

Brett Rossi was found by a close pal unresponsive in her Los Angeles home this past weekend. Sources close to Charlie Sheen’s ex stated:

“It was an overdose. It is not known what she overdosed on.” Reports reveal that Brett Rossi was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors rushed to pump the stomach former fiance of Charlie Sheen.

Brett Rossi stayed one night in ICU, and was moved to a regular care unit the next day. The source e close to Rossi also reveals that Brett is recovering physically from the overdose, but that mentally she has not gotten over her split with Charlie Sheen.

They also revealed that Charlie Sheen has been in communication with Brett, and that the “Anger Management” star is “very concerned” about his former fiance.

Charlie Sheen has had a pretty rough October, first as previously reported, Charlie Sheen was back in the news this time the “Anger Management” star was under investigation for allegedly pulling a knife assault on is dentist.

Then Sheen called off his engagement and November wedding plans with girlfriend Brett Rossi, and now Rossi’s overdose. It is a lot for anyone to take on, even Charlie Sheen.

This story is still developing…

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