Burt Reynolds’ Florida home in foreclosure

Acting icon Burt Reynolds facing foreclosure on Florida home

Burt Reynolds has been denied a request to have the courts throw out a foreclosure suit on his Florida home.

On Tuesday a Martin County judge ruled against Burt Reynolds and in favor of Bank of America allowing the foreclosure lawsuit against the legendary actor to proceed.

Reports from the Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers reveal that Merrill Lynch Credit Corp., which is now Bank of America filed court docs in 2012 after The Longest Yard star, Burt Reynolds allegedly fell behind on his mortgage payments for his Hobe Sound home known as Valhalla.

Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers reports Merrill Lynch Credit Corp., which is now Bank of America, filed the litigation in 2011 after Reynolds allegedly fell behind on mortgage payments on his waterfront Hobe Sound home known as Valhalla.

Aging actor faces losing home to foreclosure

Burt Reynolds, 78, is best known for his roles in hit films including Bo ‘Bandit’ Darville in Smokey and the Bandit, Lewis Medlock in Deliverance, Bobby “Gator” McCluskey in White Lightning and its sequel Gator, Charlie B. Barkin in All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Reynolds last screen appearance was in 2013 in Fast N’ Loud where he played himself in a small cameo role.

Burt Reynolds throughout his career has been romantically linked to celebs such as Inger Stevens, Tammy Wynette, Lucie Arnaz, Adrienne Barbeau, Susan Clark, Sally Field, Lorna Luft, Tawny Little, Pam Seals, Dinah Shore and Chris Evert.

Since 2009 reports have revealed that Reynolds has been declining in health beginning with a back surgery in May 2009, and a quintuple heart bypass in February 2010.

Burt Reynolds has also been suffering some major financial issues with reports revealing the aging actor is in arrears to the sum of $1.2 million dollars on his Florida home, and is battling the bank on a foreclosure case.

No trial date on the matter has been set.

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