Bruce Jenner cross dressing in public?

Bruce Jenner red nails sends message.
Bruce Jenner red nails sends message.
Bruce Jenner red nails sends message. (Instagram)

Bruce Jenner has reportedly been caught cross dressing out in public. The former husband to Kris Jenner was allegedly spotted dressed as a woman wearing a red mini dress,stilettos and dark red lipstick.

Has Bruce admitted the truth?

Tabloid magazine The National Enquirer claims that sources close to Bruce Jenner’s step daughters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian have revealed that The Kardashian sisters have spotted Bruce’s “fetish clothing.”

It appears as if this week things are starting to snowball for Bruce Jenner, As previously reported Kris Jenner’s sister Karen Houghton publicly outed Bruce revealing that his transformation is nearly completed.

Is Bruce Jenner ready to reveal his true colors?

While Bruce takes all the gender transformation chatter with stride, family members are starting to question what is going on. Jenner’s sons Brody and Brandon recently acknowledged that their dad Bruce is “struggling with who he really is.”

This new added twist in the Bruce Jenner transformation drama is just the latest in a long line of confusing antics that Bruce has been exhibiting lately.

Check out the alleged Bruce Jenner cross dressing photo here

This was all followed by Bruce being spotted out wearing a sports bra, and girdle. and most recently Bruce treating himself to a 65th birthday gift of a manicure and red painted fingernails.

Houghton stated to Radar,“I’m sure my mom knows what’s going on and Kris has told her things,” she said of her and Kris’s mother, Mary Jo Campbell, who’s appeared alongside the Kardashian matriarch many times on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “But I’m sure it’s embarrassing to talk about.”

Kris Jenner has moved on following her divorce from Bruce Jenner and has a new younger boyfriend.Kris Jenner recently went public with her new relationship with Corey Gamble.

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