Bret Michaels unlikely bond with Ohio fan

Bret Michaels has formed an unlikely bond with one Ohio fan making his dreams come true. Johnny Kocisko a 21-year-old Brunswick, Ohio man is now best buddies with his favorite rock star.

Bret Michaels brightens life of Ohio man suffering from Down’s Syndrome

Bret Michaels bond with Kocisko from Brunswick, Ohio began two years ago after he met Bret Michaels and the two became instant friends. Kocisko, who, suffers from Down’s Syndrome reveals that he and the Poison frontman and reality star met a while back, revealing that he attends all of Bret’s concerts.

“You’ll never, ever meet anybody that’ll be a better friend to you than Johnny,” Linda Rubinski, Johnny’s mom, added.

Since meeting Bret Michaels Johnny has gone to all nearby Michaels concerts and is treated with the VIP pass, standing backstage while Bret Performs.The big hearted and kind Bret even presented Johnny with a very special gift last Christmas, a signed guitar memento for such a strong and courageous young man that has been through so much in his life.

Rocker goes above and beyond for his fans

“He’s a blessing. He’s such a blessing,” Rubinski said. “We were supposed to lose him a long time ago, but he has lightened everyone’s life.”

Johnny is also getting another nice recognition nationally, out of more than 2,000 entries Johnny’s photo playing guitar was chosen by the National Down Syndrome Society to be featured in Times Square this weekend. The award will be presented Saturday just before the 20th annual Buddy Walk in New York City that raises money and awareness for Down syndrome.

“I wanted to really take him,” Rubinski said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They only pick you once.”
This is where Bret Michaels steps back up to the plate for Johnny after his mother mentioned Johnny’s photo being picked while chatting with Bret Michaels at his recent Cleveland show, a show where Johnny once again had an all access backstage pass.
In awe of Bret Michaels’ kindness she received an offer that melted her heart revealing,”He said, I’ll do it, I’ll take care of it. I was in awe,” she said. Michaels offered to pay for a hotel for mother and son for a week, which gives them time to make a guest appearance on The Chew with Michael Symon, another big fan of Johnny’s.

“I feel so happy, I get to go to New York City,” Johnny said, with a big smile stretched across his face. And as he gets ready for his first trip to the Big Apple, he has one message for his best friend Bret Michaels:”Thank you so much Bret. Don’t take my girls man, and rock on.”

What a kind and moving story, it is always an honor to report on any celebrity that goes above and beyond the call of duty to interact with their fans, and charitable contributions. All in all it is just awesome to learn that off stage Bret Michaels is as kind and caring as he appears when he is on stage performing. It is awesome to know that he is in fact more than just a rock star, more than just a man, but the complete package. He is the real deal.

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