‘The Breakfast Club’ met for detention 30 years ago today

the breakfast club 30th anniversary
the breakfast club 30th anniversary

“The Breakfast Club” met for detention 30 years ago today. Fans took to their social media accounts to reveal their love for the John Hughes 80’s cult film on the important anniversary.

‘The Breakfast Club’ met 30 years ago today

Or course, while fans love the movie with a passion, they’ve always wondered what really a happened on Monday after their detention bonding/smoking weed session.

What became of The Jock, The Brain, The Basket case, and The Princess? Well, fans would have gotten a chance to see the sequel, which John Hughes wanted to do if it wasn’t for his falling out with actor Judd Nelson.

‘The Breakfast Club’ sequel that didn’t happen

The sequel was going to show where Claire, Brian, Andrew, John, and Allison were in their lives 10 years after that fateful detention day. However, sadly it does seem that fans will ever to see “The Breakfast Club” sequel play out.

Fortunately for those hardcore fans, an alleged script has been posted online. Whether it’s authentic, or not, we don’t know, but it’s fun to read nonetheless.

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