‘Boy Meets World’: Harley Keiner coming back for ‘Girl Meets World’

boy meets world harley keiner girl meets world
boy meets world harley keiner girl meets world

Girl Meets World” is bringing back another “Boy Meets World” alum. Danny McNulty, who played Harley Keiner in the earlier seasons of the series will return for the spin-off.

‘Boy Meets World’ alum returning for ‘Girl Meets World’

This was confirmed by a photo posted on Instagram by Ben Savage, and has fans loving all the cameos they’re going to see during the first season of “Girl Meets World.

Judging from the photograph it looks like Harley could be the janitor at the school where Cory teaches and his children attend. Either that, or he’s just dressed similar to a janitor.

Harley Keiner is back

Meanwhile, “Boy Meets World” fans know for sure that they’ll be seeing Rider Strong back as Shawn Hunter for “Girl Meets World” as well as Stuart Minkus, played by Lee Norris.

“Girl Meets World” is set to begin airing on The Disney Channel this summer, and will likely draw in a big audience of parents who grew up with “Boy Meets World” and hopefully their children, as well as new fans discovering the show for the first time.

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