‘Big Bang Theory’ recap: Season 7, Episode 20 — ‘The Relationship Diremption’

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the big bang theory recap season 7, episode 20

The Big Bang Theory” is back on Thursday, April 10, and Sheldon is in the middle of a life changing moment, and no, it’s not which gaming system to buy!

‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 20 — ‘The Relationship Diremption’

Sheldon decides that his research on string theory is no longer productive, and decides to abandon it for good.

Sheldon’s break up with string theory will lead to a new attitude, and Penny helps him cope by giving him a new haircut, which Amy does not like because it makes him look too sexy.

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette talk Raj into going on a double date with them and Emily. He agrees, but an embarrassing situation leaves Howard less that amused.

John Ross Bowie returns to the show as Barry Kripke, and he’ll likely be there to humiliate Sheldon as he decides to quit researching string theory.

Check back for a full recap after the show, which will be posted below.

‘Big Bang Theory’ recap

The guys are discussing their excitement about the latest scientific buzz, but Sheldon’s not impressed.

Leonard figures out that Sheldon is jealous that his theory hasn’t been proven. Sheldon wonders if he’s wasting his life on a theory that can’t be proven.

Penny wakes in the morning to find Sheldon sulking. He tells her that he’s depressed and feels like a fool that his career hasn’t worked out the way he planned.

Penny compares Sheldon’s research to a relationship, and tells him he has to have the courage to walk away from it if it’s time.

Meanwhile, Raj is dating both Emily and Lucy, and reveals that Lucy wasn’t happy with him dating another woman and broke things off.

Sheldon decides to get rid of the things that reminds him of string theory, and begins giving away his books and other research materials.

Later, Howard and Raj plan a double date, and Raj doesn’t want Howard to embarrass him on the date. He promises to be on his best behavior.

Sheldon decides to use Cosmo Magazine to aide in his “break up” with string theory, so he lets Penny give him a haircut. Instead she styles his hair, and he thinks he looks like a member of a scientific boyband.

“What did you do?” Amy says to Penny, who is unhappy about that Sheldon looks like “sex on a stick.” “She’s right I’m too hot,” Sheldon agrees.

Howard tells Bernadette that he hopes Raj doesn’t blow his relationship with Emily. The pair enter the restaurant and Howard quickly reveals he knows Emily in “a bad way.”

Emily asks Howard if they’ve met before, and he denies it, but she remembers that they were set up on a blind date and when he picked her up he used her bathroom and clogged her toilet and snuck out the window. Howard tells her he’s sorry, and she laughs about it. Then she and Raj poke fun at him.

Sheldon searches for a new field of interest, and is annoyed when he finds a geology book in the apartment, calling Geologists the “Kardashians” of science. Amy and Leonard try to help him decide, but he shuns all their ideas. Penny tells him to take time and see if something new to study finds him.

Penny gives Sheldon wine, and he gets drunk. He wakes up naked in bed with the geology book next to him. “Oh no. What have I done?” he asks himself.

Sheldon finds out he called Stephen Hawking in his drunken stupor as well. He also left him an embarrassing voice mail. Later, Sheldon and Howard talk about their less than perfect evenings. Just then Kripke arrives to make fun of them both while their down.

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