‘Bates Motel’ recap: Season 2, episode 8 – ‘Meltdown’

bates motel recap season 2 episode 8 'meltdown'
bates motel recap season 2 episode 8 'meltdown'

Bates Motel” season 2 has been one wild ride. Fans have seen Norman’s mental issues rise to a whole new level, and have been shocked with revelations such as incest, and even more murder, but what happens next?

‘Bates Motel’ season 2, episode 8 — ‘Meltdown’

In season 2, episode 8, titled “Meltdown,” the twists and turns just keep coming for the Bates family.

Last week’s cliffhanger came when Sheriff Romero found out that Norman’s DNA matched the semen sample found inside Blair Watson, linking him to her murder.

Romero will now have to dig deeper into the murder of Miss Watson. The sheriff will be forced to question Norman about his involvement, pushing his already fragile mental state to new limits.

Meanwhile, Nick Ford begins to do a little business with Dylan, but will Dylan bite and become further tangled in the drug war of White Pine Bay?

Tonight’s episode will air on A&E at 10 p.m. check back after the show for a full recap, which will be posted below.

‘Bates Motel’ recap: April 21, 2014

Norma wakes up to find Norman already in the office. Romero is stewing over the news that Norman’s DNA matched the semen sample found at the Blaire Watson crime scene, but doesn’t confront him.

Norman is still very upset with his mother fornot telling him what happens to him when he blacks out, and there is tension. Norman leaves and Nick Ford surprises her in the office. Nick wants her to arrange a meeting between he and Dylan to discuss business.

Cops arrive at the scene where Zane and his group killed a rival drug dealers at the Ford warehouse and Dylan wakes up from his unconscious state. He fleas the scene wounded. It seems Zane’s group created quite the massacre, and Sheriff Romero knows Zane is behind it.

Dylan rushes to Jody’s house to tell her what’s been going on. Norma asks Emma where Dylan works, and she offers to take her to find Dylan.

Dylan and Jody confront Zane, who says he has a plan to fix this all. Zane wants to offer Nick Ford a buyout, or threaten to keep killing his men. Dylan and Jody tell Zane to lay low, and he leaves.

Norma walks up to the front door of Zane and Jody’s operation and is met by Dylan’s partner. He lets her in and takes her to Dylan’s office. He is surprised to see Norma walk through the door.

Norma tells him about her connection to Nick Ford, and how he wants to meet with Dylan. Dylan tells Norma that Nick probably wants to kill him, and she tells him she wants to talk with him, but he forces her to leave.

George tells Norma that the bypass has been temporarily halted for environmental studies. They hug and he tells her that he wants to be more than friends, and Norma agrees to go on a date with him.

Romero pulls Dylan over and demands to know where Zane is. He says he doesn’t know and that he’d tell him if he’d knew. Romero returns to the motel and creates a bogus excuse to get Norman back to his motel room so that he can question him about Miss Watson.

Sheriff Romero asks Norman if he ever slept with Blaire Watson and he denies it and gets defensive and walks away.

Nick returns to Norma’s house and tells Norman he needs to wait for her to return because it’s important.

Nick remembers Norman taking photos of him at Blaire Watson’s grave. Nick tells Norman that he and Blaire had a falling out, and that he wanted her back at the time of her death.

Norma returns and is not happy to see Nick Ford in her home. Norma eavesdrops on their conversation. Nick tells her that he’s behind Lee Berman’s death and her being appointed to the city council. She kicks him out of her house, and Nick tells her she’s making a big mistake.

Norma tells Norman that she’s meeting George for dinner, and he blows her off, and she’s mad when he takes no interest.

Dylan finally calls Nick and tells him he’ll meet with him as long as it’s a public place and out of White Pine Bay.

Norma goes to George’s house for their date and the two get to know each other better, but Norma is distracted by Norman’s attitude toward her. He catches in a lie about where she went to college, and begins to tear up telling George that she’s not who he thinks she is, and that she’s been lying about being classy and polished.

Dylan meets Nick at a pizza place, and is surprised to find out that Nick Ford wants to team up to take out Zane, who is crossing lines left and right. Nick says that if Dylan kills Zane the war will stop dead in its tracks for good. Dylan warns Nick to stay away from Norma and leaves.

Sheriff Romero is confronted about Norman’s semen sample, as the jury came back and convicted Blair’s former lover for her murder.

Norma and Norman begin fighting again about his indifference. “You’re not who I thought you were. I don’t trust you anymore,” he tells his mother. Norman goes to his room and locks the door. When he won’t let his mother in she freaks out and leaves the house.

Norma goes back to George’s house and begins kissing him. The two have sex as Norma is seemingly trying to get back at Norman.

Dylan heads off to see Jody he tells her that Zane is going to get them all killed if he continues this war with Nick Ford, and she tells him to leave her house.

Jody tells Dylan that if he needs to do something about Zane that he can do it, giving him permission to kill her brother.

Norman closes the office for the night, and Romero tells him that his DNA matched the semen sample, and says that if Norman doesn’t cooperate and answer questions he’ll have to go to Norma about the situation.

Norman runs away from Romero, and heads to his room where he grabs Miss Watson’s pearls and the newspaper clipping about her murder. He hears a noise from downstairs and goes to investigate it. Norman thinks it’s his mother, but is grabbed from behind and chloroformed as Norma lay in bed besides George at his house.

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