Barack Obama: Divorce threats in the White House?

Obama marital issues over over spending in the White House?

Barack Obama could be headed for divorce from his wife First Lady Michelle Obama according to reports that indicate their could be more trouble in the White House than anyone really knows.

Speculation from those close to Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have revealed that the President has “lost control of his wife,” and that their relationship is failing at a quick pace.

Sources claim that the country’s leader and his wife had a major marital squabble over Michelle’s luxurious vacation in China.

It appears that Barack Obama lost grip when Mi­chelle refused to cancel her vacation despite White House advisers warnings that the couple’s six-year string of pricey vacations has already drained the U.S. Trea­sury of a close to $150 million in tax­payers’ money.

“This was a blowout of epic proportions – probably the nasti­est White House fight they’ve ever had.

“They were both screaming at one another.”

Michelle Obama ignores Barack’s pleas

The White House source also reveals that these days Barack Obama is unable to control anything Michelle does, mainly because he fears she will file for divorce.
Michelle arrived in Beijing with her mother, Marian Robinson, and the Obama’s daughters, 15-year-old Malia and Sasha, 12, on March 20, checking in to their presidential suite at the Beijing Westin hotel at $8,350 per night.

. The suite is 3,400-square-foot and includes a 24-hour butler service and a steam room.

Today many Americans are sounding off after hearing about Michelle Obama’s pricey trip, and furious that they are working their tails off to pay for Barack Obama’s family fun.

“First Lady or not, who needs to stay in a hotel that cost over $8K a night. Why should I be flipping part of the bill for this, when a treat for my family is a burger at Mickey D’s! claims one angry tax payer.

What do you think about Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, is a White House divorce coming, and should they be forced to live with the means of the average American, when it comes to vacations?

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