Avril Lavigne meet and greet $400

Avril lavigne meet and greet cost $400,but do not get to close to her
Avril lavigne meet and greet cost $400,but do not get to close to her
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Avril Lavigne meet and greet from a distance

Avril Lavigne will meet and greet with her adoring fans but, not before they pony up $400 bucks and go through a strict set of rules laid down by Avril’s security muscle.

Shortly after a recent performance in Brazil fans of Avril Lavigne had a unique and costly opportunity to meet their pop star idol.

For $400 hard earned dollars fans will get to meet Avril Lavigne and take a photo with her if they follow the rules.

Stay out of her personal space Avril Lavigne security states

Bodyguards are instructed to strictly alert fans not to touch, or really get anywhere near the “Hello Kitty” singer, in fact they must stay at length one arm length away from the singer.

FYI this $400 is an added extra cost on top of what ever the fans paid for the concert tickets.

As you may well imagine the backlash coming from the social media was outstanding with comments varying from insults hurled at Avril Lavigne for not appreciating her fans to those criticizing why in the world anyone would PAY to stand near Avril Lavigne.

So now we have to ask would you pay this kind of money to stand near a celeb for a photo, or do you expect more bang for your $400 bucks?

What celebrity wold you pay to meet and greet?

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