‘Are You The One’ matches Ethan and Amber engaged?

are you the one matches ethan and amber

Are You The One” stars Ethan and Amber may be engaged. In the preview for the MTV reunion, it’s revealed that one of the matches are planning a wedding, but who?

‘Are You The One’ matches Ethan and Amber engaged?

While many people think it could be Chris and Shanley who are engaged, it seems much more likely that it’s Ethan and Amber.

After studying their Twitter accounts it seems Ethan and Amber live together, and are more in love than ever. In fact, the rest of the “Are You The One” cast often gushes over their adorableness.

Chris and Shanley still together?

Besides Ethan and Amber and Chris and Shanley, it seems possible that Dylan and Coleysia are the only other match that could be engaged, we doubt it’s Wes and Kayla, and don’t think any of the other matches are actually in an active relationship.

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