‘Are You The One’: Chris T. proud of Shanley for on screen meltdown

are you the one chris shanley
are you the one chris shanley

Are You The One” stars Chris T. knew they were meant to be together after only one day in the MTV funded house, but the compatibility test said otherwise.

‘Are You The One’: Chris proud of Shanley for on screen blow up

When Chris and Shanley hit the truth booth they were proven not to be a perfect match, and were obviously upset.

So, when Chris was voted into the truth booth with Paige, and proven to be her perfect match, Shanley went crazy on everyone in the house, especially Simone.

Now, Chris is saying he’s proud of his girl Shanley for her on screen blow up.

Chris and Shanley speak out about meltdown

“I was so proud of Shanley,” he reflects. “Anything that happened that night…it deserved it. The lamp deserved to be punched, the Gatorade bottle deserved to be thrown out the window, the couches deserved to be kicked — all of it.” Good thing the house didn’t come with fine china!” Chris said.

“I think people were kind of off-put by the fact that we were making this connection grow,” Shanley said. “It was sad to have them not understand where we were coming from with our feelings,” the ‘Are You The One’ star added.

Chris and Shanley have quickly become a fan favorite MTV couple, and viewers are hoping that the “Are You The One” stars will get a chance to participate in future seasons of the networks “The Challenge,” as Chris and Shanley would be great on that show!

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