‘Are You The One’: Chris and Shanley are still together

are you the one chris and shanley still together
are you the one chris and shanley still together

Are You The One” stars Chris T. and Shanley are still together, and going strong.

‘Are You The One’ stars Chris and Shanley still together

The couple often take to their Twitter accounts to gush over their love story, and post photos of themselves together. “Even though we’re not a match, Chris and I are still very much in love and we talk every day,” Shanley told The Huffington Post.

Fans of “Are You The One,” MTV’s hottest new reality dating competition show have watched as Chris and Shanley’s love grew from the moment they met, even though they had their rough patches.

Chris and Shanley found their imperfect matches!

Chris and Shanley may have been proven to not be each other’s “perfect matches” on paper, but it seems they may have found their perfect match in their hearts.

The MTV couple are seemingly better than ever, and although the distance between their home towns may be great, the pair are likely to still see each other often, and have credited the reality show for their love.

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